Hospitality Training

We provide hospitality training to B&B's, guest houses and business owners who would like to start their own guest house or B&B. Anthea is a self-taught chef and is passionate about food. She trains hospitality staff to cook simple, healthy food for their guests. Anthea loves presentable food and is teaching hospitality students to pay attention to the finer details when serving and preparing food.

Enterprise Development Training and Empowerment Workshops

We provide New Venture Creation Training to women and young entrepreneurs who would like to start their own businesses. We do coaching and mentoring to help entrepreneurs through the first three years of their entrepreneurial journey. We empower women to create additional income for their families and also to help them to create financial independence so that they can spend more time with their families.

Motivational speaking

We believe that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and that it is important for successful business owners to share their experiences and insights with people who want start their own business. We provide motivational speeches at women's events, corporate events and charitable events.